Monday, September 7, 2009

Sun Fire . . . Make It Through The Night . . .


Hi All,

Woke up in the night. Listened to FAB music making souls, son and father, Liam Titcomb and Brent Titcomb Streaming. They are posted on The Streaming Cafe which can be found via Facebook.

Sun Fire made it through the night.

I'll be back later for the rest of today's posting. Just a soon as I have more coffee.

A hiking we did go . . . a hiking we did go . . .

. . .time passes . . .

Well, I headed to the hills (Gatineau Hills that is) again for an afternoon hike with friend Andrea and have arrived home late. Sooooooo . . . I shall have to post more manyana.

The hills still are as beautiful today as they were yesterday. The feel of late summer-early fall is in the air and on the leaves of the trees. It was another gorgeous day.

The last thing I did before heading to the hills was put a coat of varnish on one of the new paintings. The first thing I did when I returned home was put a coat of varnish on the other new painting. As soon as I have some good pictures I will share both paintings with you.

4 Now,

John Redmond
in Ottawa, Canada

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