Thursday, August 27, 2009

Paint In The Can

Hi Every One,

The paint is in the can.

Causation; Paint - Painter - Painting. What is the origin of the painting?

Tune in for 'the answer'.

I have continued to apply some undercoating paint to the four canvases that are on the floor in process. There is only white undercoating on top of the preprimed and stretched canvas. They should be ready for some colour after the weekend.

I took photos of these canvases and played around with some of the image in my photo editor. It's another JohnnyWorhol. To enlarge the view click on an image.

Have a great weekend. I'm going to enjoy some tunes at the Kingston Limestone Bluesfest.

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John Redmond
in Ottawa, Canada

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Art; Shining . . .

Hello All,

My understanding of 'Art' is simple. It is a window-glimpse of that shining here, there and everywhere . . . "It's so far out the way out is in." (thanks George).

This morning I was rereading a book of Joseph Campbell's writings. 'Reflections on the Art of Living - A Joseph Campbell Companion'; Selected and Edited by Diane K. Osbon. I think the book is readily available.

"The goal of life is rapture. Art is the way we experience it." - Joseph Campbell; My kind of man. He also wrote, "The revelation of art is not ethics, nor a judgement, nor even of humanity as one generally thinks of it. Rather, the revelation is a marveling recognition of the radiant Form of forms that shines through all things."

Art is an expression of the Power and Radiant Energy that is here, there, everywhere and nowhere - That moves, That moves not. There is a story of the Buddha's silent flower sermon. He holds up a flower without saying a word . Only one person understood the gesture.

An artist can reveal in rhythm, harmony, colour and texture that which resonates within the viewer because it is the same mystery. To quote from a song by myself, "We can always call direct that still quiet moment." The world spins and is still simultaneously depending upon perspective.

Another quote from Joseph Campbell, "All the world will open up when you've achieved this inner dept, and your play in life will be informed by this radiance. The Grail Castle is in the field that is adventured in the way of experiencing esthetic arrest. The Grail is the sense of total rapture and spiritual fulfillment that comes from your experience of this hermetically sealed field. It is like probing for oil: you put a pipe down, strike oil, and then realize the oil is under everything. But first have to go down somewhere to find it, and this is the field of this plunge."

A painting can serve as that 'pipe'.

Today I've posted some digital play I created yesterday in the form of a self-portrait . . ."It's getting better all the time . . ."

Also I have posted photos of a 40" x 30'' x 1/2" inch painting which is a member of the same series as the posting immediately previous to this one.

This one is electric rainbow radiance. It is unusual; some being or landscape arising. Or perhaps it is island waves of energy colour arising out of deep waters. You can see yourself. By painting abstractly and with a very fluid medium I allow us all to see and experience more.

On this page, Click on an image if you wish to view it enlarged

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At this time I have four medium sized paingings on the floor recieving undercoating paint. I began them a couple days ago.

Have a great day,

John Redmond
in Ottawa, Canada

Monday, August 24, 2009

Country Now, Wild Country Forever

Hi All,

This weekend I spent Saturday evening and Sunday in the country. Friends invited a bunch of us to their woodsy trailer retreat. It was great. It was summer; campfire, warm Canadian lake, stars, food, tents ... FAB.

I have always loved the natural settings and have spent much time in the woods and on the rocky shores of Canadian lakes. It is expressed in my paintings. I enjoy using a wilderness landscape motif. It seems to fit with the fluid technique I employ. Wind and water and wild places are ever moving, changing moment to moment. That's what I paint.

The painting I am posting today is a 40'' x 30'' x 1/2'' inch on stretched canvas. It is one of a series.

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The painting above was freshly posted on Etsy today with some of its friends also in the 40" x 30" x 1/2" size. Seek seller johnredmond on Etsy...that's moi.


John Redmond
in Ottawa, Canada

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

United Breaks Guitars Song 1 & Song 2 . . . Available Now - Far Out!

Hi Friends,

This story has a lesson or two. One; Don't mess with an artist.
Click on an image to view it enlarged.

Once upon a time a friendly minstrel was traveling the world playing love songs and hit songs for the lovers of tunes. Suddenly, without warning, disaster struck. With one United act of thoughtlessness a minstrel's guitar was broken.

That minstrel was Dave Carroll. Tossed about like so much trash Dave Carroll's Taylor Guitar was smashed. His story is told below in his own words.

Dave tried for a year to have United Airlines do the honorable and pay for repairs to his Taylor guitar which airline employees had smashed. They denied not the act. Yet the buck was passed around and in the end United Airlines said it would not pay a cent. Dave told them he would write, record and post on YouTube three songs about this reprehensible happening.

United Breaks Guitars Song One had five million views on YouTube in a month. It sure helped that CNN aired a story in early July '09 when there had been only 50,000 hits. After CNN's feature story United Breaks Guitars views soared. United Breaks Guitars has become an internet phenomenon.

Now United Breaks Guitars; Song Two has been released.

Who would have thought that out of such thoughtlessness and one broken guitar so many people would receive so much joy.

Dave and Friends you have turned it all around.
You're the Best.

Boo United and the rest.
Except for poor ole Ms. I. who was only doing what she was told to do in that mess.


Here is the short story of United Breaks Guitars told by Dave Carroll.

"United Breaks Guitars: Story behind Songs 1 & 2 (short version below, please see blog for detailed versions) note from author; that would be Dave Carroll's blog.)

In the spring of 2008, Sons of Maxwell were traveling to Nebraska for a one-week tour and my Taylor guitar was witnessed being thrown by United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago. I discovered later that the $3500 guitar was severely damaged. They didn't deny the experience occurred but for nine months the various people I communicated with put the responsibility for dealing with the damage on everyone other than themselves and finally said they would do nothing to compensate me for my loss. So I promised the last person to finally say "no'' to compensation (Ms. Irlweg) that I would write and produce three songs about my experience with United Airlines and make videos for each to be viewed online by anyone in the world.

United: Song 1 (United Breaks Guitars) is the first of those songs and was released in the summer of 2009. It went viral and became an internet/YouTube sensation. It has nearly 5 million views to date.

...and the saga continues...

United: Song 2 (United Breaks Guitars: Song 2) was released in August of 2009.

On Tuesday August 5 (2009) we reconvened at the field behind the Station 41 fire department in Waverely NS to shoot the second video in the trilogy. United Breaks Guitars: Song 2. Once again, everyone volunteered their time and talent to produce an outstanding video; however, song 2 was a much bigger production than United Breaks Guitar. In addition to the main roles, we had nearly 100 extras in the cast and in order to say everything we wanted to say with the video, we required a broken guitar, an imitation broken guitar, a 40 foot high scissor lift, a limousine (complete with secret service agents), one genuine imitation space capsule, a space suit, a tuba, 3 suits of German Lederhosen, a canoe, one white panel van and woman willing to wear tights and a big dollar sign."

Dave, our late father was Director of Public Relations for Bell Canada International. I think that he would have marveled at what you have done.

I salute you and your helpful friends.


John Redmond
in Ottawa, Canada

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Monday, August 17, 2009

From A Crazed 21st C. Urban Cave Dweller; Surreal To The Tune Of Quiet Evil

Hi All,

Painting in the Raw again;

I took the plunge and poured some colour on the large canvases that I had prepared. I shared what that looked like in an earlier posting last week. I was inspired a couple evenings ago, so I put some LeE Harvey OSMOND 'Quiet Evil' into the stereo and began to pour, dribble, spatter, spattter, splash and spray.

Click on an image if you wish to see it enlarged. If you would like to view more of my paintings then scroll down to the bottom of this page, click on Froggy and you will hop to my online store with links to eBay. You can also find me on Etsy. Search for johnredmond (no spaces).

I had already decided to use some strong colour- Low Key. I scrubbed the jars clean, mixed the paint in my clean jars, filled the spray bottles with water and paint and lay the canvases on the floor.

Painting two large canvases side by side simultaneously is a challenge. The water flows differently on the two surfaces. I control it sometimes by putting a little paper wedge under a side or corner. It will depend on where and how everything is flowing.

This is work. I spray here and there. Splatter. Pour. And stare. And watch and stare some more. Then I jump up, grab some paint and splash some colour somewhere.

At a certain point I stopped to give the painting some time to dry a little then I continued to add some paint. The last colour I applied was Payne's grey. The turkey baster was a useful tool for this application.

The following day, Saturday, I sprayed on a little more paint and applied copper and gold paint plus some more of the dark Payne's. During this process I had sprayed on lots of water to spread color so I had to leave everything to dry. Wicked Grin were performing at the Aylmer Marina in Aylmer, Quebec. I exited the cave and headed across the river to catch the show.

This painting does feel like drawings on a cave wall. It seems very elemental. Surreal and expressionist . . . it moves. The mind moves with it. When the paint had dried I separated the canvases from the excess paint and the paper I had put on the floor underneath them. I applied a coat of varnish to the surface of each canvas. In the evening, once the varnish had dried, I leaned them together against the TV. I sat back and beheld what I had wrought. OMG. The light in the room was subdued and that often brings out something deep from within the paintings. I really was in a cave.

I may venture into the world above but then I think I shall light candles, get my drums and Tibetan bells out and enter into the mood to decide if these shared cave drawings are complete.

Until the drums stop,

john redmond
in Ottawa, Canada

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Walk Faster Than A Mosquito

Hi All,
At the very bottom of this days blog I have given you a sneak preview of the newest 'in process' painting with some colour applied. I'm not going to show you the whole painting today.

To enlarge the view of a photo click on it. To see more of my paintings, scroll down to the bottom of the page where Froggy lives. Click on Froggy and you will hop to the online store with links to eBay. To find me on Etsy search for johnredmond (no spaces). A Google search for 'John Redmond Ottawa' will get some hits for you too.

Today I went for a hike along Skyline trail (#6) in the Gatineau Park. It is full summer heat in our area right now - Fantastic! But it is hot for hiking . . . circa 30 C. I arrived at the park about 11:00 a.m. and it was hot. I don't think I would have gone in the afternoon heat. I took some photos to share the sights with you. The camera was mostly cooperative. Although I knew it was running low on battery I still managed to take some shots that will give you a sense of what natural beauty we have at our doorstep in Ottawa.

The photo at the top of this blog page is the view you have from a big bench located at the fork in the trails. The view is of the Ottawa River Valley and Ottawa. Downtown Ottawa cannot be seen. The air is thick with a hot humid summer haze. The second panorama photo was taken at a lookout located on the Southeast side of the trail. On the map it would be located almost at the end of the loop. You can see the highway to Hull and Ottawa in the distance. There is also a big bench at this lookout. They are extra large benches so you can sit down with a hiking pack on your back.

The photo above shows the approach to the bench and the beautiful view seen in the first photo. From the parking lot at Kingsmere to this area there is quite a bit of uphill walking (1km) which is sometimes steep. The bench is a welcome rest spot for the hiker and feeding ground for the mosquitoes.

One kilometer back to the beginning at Kingsmere. The hardy head up Ridge Road...steep to the entrance of Skyline Trail. You could go in other directions if you choose to.

The photo above shows the bike path leading up to the entrance of Skyline trail. The sign on the right side of the photo shows the way. See it below too.

These are photos of the trail which was created soon after Gatineau Park was created in 1938. Making the trail was a depression era work project. Skyline is also indicated on maps as trail 6. It is a loop that follows the steep edge of the mountain. I photoed the area map posted in the parking area. It can be viewed toward the bottom of this page. On the map Skyline is a narrow oval loop. You can tell by the close contour lines that the escarpment is steep.

The photo above shows the view as you step onto Skyline trail #6. In the winter season these trails are used as cross-country ski trails. In the summer they are for hiking and most but not all are for biking. Skyline is supposed to be for hiking only.

I took a photo (above) of a big hunk of rock sticking out of the ground. For my Irish friends, this is the Canadian Shield - some of the oldest rock on this watery planet. The Gatineau Hills are part of the Canadian Shield while the low land of the Ottawa Valley was once the bottom of a vast inland sea. Whales used to blow water out of their spouts while swimming in those waters where now we are stuck in city traffic.

At one point in the trail there are two very large trees that have fallen. Most likely they were toppled during one of the storms that often move down the Ottawa River Valley. It was several years ago when the tree closest to the path fell. I remember it well. Now little saplings are growing out of the dirt in the roots. These trees will be part of Skylines landscape for many moons to come.

There was more traffic on the trail today than during the week. Hikers, runners, bikers and all make good use of the trail. Still it is not very crowded. You say, 'Salut', and everyone is on their way.

The other wild life was scarce today. I did notice the rustlings of a few squirrels in the bushes and one came racing across the path in front of me in a panic to get up a tree away from scary me. There must have been a Daddy Long Leg convention somewhere in the Park today. The speedy little spiders made good use of the public trail. I try to be very, 'Jain' and not step on them having already gained karma for murdering many of them in my ill spent youth.

There are black bears in the area. I have not had to put my bear wrestling training to use in the park but I have come across their steamy blessings on the trails. One does need to be aware that this is their environment. It is a good idea to let other hikers know that you have seen bears or fresh bear scat. You don't want to upset a mama bear with her cubs.

Today was too hot to where my jean jacket or a long sleeve shirt. I did wear my long jean pants. The mosquitoes are out in full force. If you stop for a drink or a rest you are a mosquito cafe. Today I just walked fast and moved on when they seemed to notice the refreshment stand. The old 18th guides for emigrants thinking of
settling in Canada warned them of the little blood suckers. I didn't put on repellent. On a camping trip into the woods its a must.

It takes about an hour to hike around the trail. The time will depend on how fast you move. Sometimes I jog around Skyline. The trail is full of roots crossing the trail. They stick out and some are loose waiting for you to trip on them. Rocks stick out of the ground too. Sometimes you will find big chunks of the Shield that are the trail itself. In other places the rock can be loose.

There are low lying spots that get quite wet and muddy when it rains or in the springtime when the snow melts. The kind park folk have placed big rocks in these area so you can cross the wet areas. Or you can follow the bypasses made by hikers. There are small streams that cross the trail in places. Sometimes the rocks are good enough for a bridge. In other places parks folk have places cut logs to form a rough bridge. I posted a photo of one here on this page.

This is a preview of the very much 'in process' painting . . .where it goes anyone knows . . .

Enjoy the hike,

john redmond
Ottawa, Canada