Friday, September 11, 2009

New Splash

Hi All,

'To the Now that's come and gone. To the Now that yet shall be. From the Now that's Here and Now, may all be Happy, may all be Peace, may all be Free."

- John R. Redmond, from a tune by me.

I have posted an abstract 24’’ x 24’’ x 1/2’’ acrylic painting on stretched canvas. The album with detail images can be viewed above. Below is the image full sized painting.

DSCN0855not this group

Click on any image to view it enlarged. If you would like to view my paintings check out previous blog entries or scroll down to Froggy at the bottom of the page. Click on Froggy and hop to my online store with links to EBay. I'm also on Etsy. Search for seller johnredmond (no spaces). You can find me on Facebook, Myspace and, "tweeet twweet," Twitter (Redjar7).

In the studio I have been finishing the two small paintings in the series I have worked on for a few days. Yesterday afternoon I applied a coat of varnish to each painting. To one I applied some black acrylic paint that I usually use at the undercoat stage. I wanted to give a dark foreground to this particular painting. When it dries I will apply a bit of colour to blend in with the rest of this wild painting. You will likely see their images posted soon here on the blog.

Lisheen Castle 3175735631_98f72fc9aa_b

This photo above is of our GG Grandpa’s home in Tipperary. Lisheen Castle was built between 1820 and 1840 by Frederick Lloyd (GGG grampa) for son John Lloyd (GG Grandpa). It’s a long story but the Castle arose and then went into ruin, torched during the Irish civil war, and was beautifully restored in the 1990’s. Lisheen Castle has bronze age burial grounds within yards plus fortress ruins from the 15th century –hence the name Lisheen or little castle. You can get more info at

Lloyd John of Lisheen Castle Co. Tipperary

Lisheen Castle 3175706693_71695c7dc8_b

The other day someone was asking about a 1/2 C party I had a while back. It was a potlach. Friends Wicked Grin and guests performed music. I painted while Wicked Grin played blues with bite. Between tunes folks came up to choose a painting to take home. Merci all who came. I made a collage of some photos of the evening of my 26th 25th.

Redmond John R Painting at the Bayou July 2005

Because Tom Wilson is in Ottawa today for his Vernissage at Gallerie 240 I am posting again his videio ‘Cast of Thousands . . . “

Have a super day on the set folks,

John Redmond

in Ottawa, Canada

John Redmond Art

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