Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mud Pie Paintings On The Floor, Leo da Vinci and Such Things . . .

Sept 29 09 019 edit crop

Hi All,

I bet even Leonardo da Vinci had days when he made Mona Lisa mud pie. Here is mine above.

Not all of those canvases that I put undercoating on last week (see previous posting) have turned out satisfactory to my taste. Ah well. The colour was getting too muddy…and in the end the one above just seemed too . . . {:~DDD

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The under painting did indicate that the paintings would be surreal and perhaps tricky to pull off.

5'' x 3'' detail 103abcalt



2009-09-16-81801edit crop

Sept 29 09 013 edit crop

Well maybe it was the weather . . . Good news is that two of the three appear to be fine in the end. One of the three is done. A second is drying now. The third canvas is on life support in serious condition.

Below are images of the ‘done’ one; 30” x 24” x 1/2” acrylic.

Sept 29 09 021edit crop

The painting above is rather surreal. It is a relative of the large double panel painting I shared with you not long ago but has a transformation journey feel about it. There is a poor little newly hatched chicken foetus reptilian like creature at the bottom centre crawling slowly along in some watery nether world dimension. It seems that a humanoid shape is coming out of it and all the other dream images burst out of that. To me the humanoid shape also looks like dark sun glasses so perhaps the painting is a self portrait (I tend to wear aviators a lot)…{:~DDD

30 x 24 DSCN2902

30” x 24” x 1/2 abstract acrylic painting by John R. Redmond

30 x 24 detail2  DSCN2906

30 x 24 detail3  DSCN2906

30 x 24 detail DSCN2906

The images in this painting seem dream like as if the being of this painting is on a transformation journey. Note the ‘Woodstock’ figure in the bottom right of the detail image immediately above. Everything is coming out in these paintings…dreams…Native art studies…Peanuts . . .Good Grief such a psyche! {:~DDD

30 x 24 detail3 DSCN2910

And who is this?

30 x 24 detail DSCN2907

30 x 24 detail DSCN2910

Definitely a dream world . . . or is this one lying down awake? Notice the red eye . . . probably an insomniac . . .

30 x 24 detail4 DSCN2910

30 x 24 detail DSCN2908

The ‘sunglasses dude’ . . .

30 x 24 detail DSCN2913

Above is the little chicken reptilian Woodstock creature dreaming all of this as he appears to crawl along through some nether world reality.

And wondering what it is all about . . . observing with a slight grin . . .

30 x 24 detail2 DSCN2905

To the journey . . .

30” x 24” x 1/2 abstract acrylic painting by John R. Redmond

I think this must be a self portrait painting. The ‘sunglasses’ give it away.

I’m a dreamer, a dreamer of love

I’m a dreamer, a dreamer of peace

I’m a dreamer, a dreamer of oneness

I’m a dreamer, a hope believer

I’m a dreamer, a dreamer of love

I’m a dreamer

Redmond, Jessie Mae (nee Babcock) with grandson John Russell Redmond Sept Labour Day 1955, 15 Drayton Ave Kingston Ontario (me and grandma redmond)

Walking a long dreamy day

My heart is here to stay

Head in a cloud, feet on the ground

Together bringin’ dream reality ‘round

Ciao from the Daze Worth Living,

Strange Daze Indeed.

John Redmond

Ottawa, Canada

John Redmond Art

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