Friday, September 18, 2009

Born To Be Wild


‘Born To Be Wild’ - ‘28” x 20” x 1/2 “ abstract acrylic painting

by John R. Redmond

Hi All,

Feeling a little wild this morning.

In the painting I am posting today I used the same pallet as on a couple others in the series; one titled ‘Forest’ and the other titled, ‘Dancer’. They were created with a very Jackson Pollock theme. The colours employed were white, black, yellow-orange, and red with a bit of the rest splattered in. The paint was mostly applied as opaque colour. You can see that there are many layers and there is lots of movement. This painting was, except for the odd splash, painted in one session with the paint being applied quickly and thickly to pre-stretched canvas. As usual, I painted with the canvas on the floor. It all takes some time to dry. I also left the painting with a matt finish. Perhaps I will simply call this piece, ‘Born To Be Wild’.


‘Born To Be Wild’ – detail ‘28” x 20” x 1/2 “ abstract acrylic painting

by John R. Redmond

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‘Born To Be Wild’ ‘28” x 20” x 1/2 “ abstract acrylic painting

by John R. Redmond

Eta James lets it flow into ‘Born To Be Wild’

The following are lyrics to a song (it has a wild theme) I wrote in 2008 upon discovering that via our GG Grandmother born 1856 at the village of Cayuga, Ontario, along the Grand River, we likely have some Cayuga, Six Nations ancestors. Her mother, Alice (nee Wedge) is thought to have been the daughter of a Cayuga chief. Alice was first married to Daniel Young whose grandmother was Mohawk. Upon Daniel’s passing she married William Rowe, our GGG Grandfather. The Cayuga Chief William Wedge was probably a cousin of Alice. I wanted to write a song for this family history. In the song I intend at very least a double meaning for the word ‘wild’; wild as in nature close around us and wild as in the universe vast. It is another of my genealogy tunes.

Along with the lyrics I have displayed images of sister paintings to ‘Born To Be Wild’. The first is titled, ‘Forest’ and the second, ‘Dancer’. Both paintings are 24” x 30” x 1/2” acrylic on stretched canvas.

EyeMe editcrop b 2009-09-16-81829

See Free by John Russell Redmond

In the Temple of our world

Red of the earth

Blue of the sky

Reflect in your shining eyes

Dream catching Great Spirit

Edgeless, light as a bird

Winging a way over wilderness

See free

See free

As the Wild

‘Round our temple isle

See Free


Before our sun had shone

Before the pine

And city climbed

A circle all enfolds

Hand reaching out we rise

Tall, we of the circle

Vision blossoming Wonderness

See Free

DSCN0904 detail

See free

As the Wild

‘Round our temple isle

See Free

And the Great Blue Heron

Stands with patient quietude

And the Great Blue Heron

Wings with uncommon graceful power

See Free

24 x 30 detail DSCN1070

See free

As the Wild

‘Round our temple isle

See Free

See Free . . .

24 x 30 ArtinthePark 08 DSC_0055

‘Dancer’ at Art In The Park, Ottawa

Salut from a fellow islander out on the highway,

John Redmond

Ottawa, Canada

John Redmond Art

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