Monday, February 24, 2014


Dara Howell bCdEf

Congratulations Dara; Team Dara; Team Canada;

Team Ma and Pa;  Doug ‘n Dee Howell.

Team Grandma and Grandpa; Jack and Jacquie Howell.

It is Sochi Golden in Huntsville now.  WoW! 

2014 Olympic Champion; Slopestyle skiing.
Open-mouthed smileDara Howell; cousin Pow Wow Wow . . . WoW!

It is just too CooL; Amazing Flying Slopestyle Olympia and on . . .

We are Howlin’ for you.


Huntsville Musician Folk Cheered On Dara With Go Dara Go

Hot smileI’ve been away from my blog for a while as I have toured in Hanoi teaching.  I’ve put pen to paper but I have not put paint to canvas since I arrived here in March 2013.  I have played with my computer’s digital art capacity and some fun doodles have arisen.  I will begin to share some of them with you in this blogger world of ones and zeros. 

I’ll share them in no particular order.  I t may take a few moments for me to figure out how to use this Live Writer again… I’ll have to adjust the sidebar info as I’m not doing too much eBaying and all that (what’s eBay?) forgotten jazz.

I make these little doodles with my computer’s camera, Sketchpad 3.3, Photoscape editing and a few oddly functioning brain cells.  There may be a few other twists in there but this is the secret revealed.
All You Need Is Love;


sketch 86bCdEfGhIjKlMnOp


Aum  . . .

sketch 90bCdEfGh

Hat tips to Tom Wilson.

Ah, and to my good friends Wicked Grin who, having won the Ottawa Blues Society ‘Road To Memphis’ competition, shone in Memphis, TN representing the Ottawa region at the The 31st International Blues Challenge.

Wicked Grin recently released their second cd titled Shame On Me.

This is my salut digeedoodle.
sketch46 (2)Bc

From Wicked Grin’s cd Shame On Me

Find more Wicked things at


If you are a Facebooker you can see my world wiz by as a dream.  You might be able to view it…hmmmmmmm….

Have a great day; ‘Till this evening is this morning life is fine.’

John Redmond (Traveller)

John Redmond Art