Friday, September 4, 2009

Loco-Motion Makes For Good Art

Above; Lil' Ole Moi out for a walk on the Path.
The walk, the walker and the walking; One . . .

Hi All,

Sanity control central hoping you are having a GGGGreat Day/Night/Now. Take it from me friends, a good walk does wonders for them mean old walking blues . . . "Woke up this morning look around for my shoes . . .(see last posting) . . . I think I got those mean ole walking blues." anon. I'm heading for the hills this afternoon, the Gatineau Hills that is. Fresh air, exercise, sport, play, paint, sing, write . . . it all helps pull it together - Sanity control central.

If you want to have an enlarged view of any of the images on this page simply click and it shall be. If you wish to see more of my paintings simply scroll down to the bottom of this page where Froggy lives. Click on Froggy and you will hop to my online store. Click on an image there and you zoom directly to that painting on EBay with enlargements and more. I am also exhibiting on Etsy. Search for seller johnredmond (no spaces). You can visit me on Facebook and Myspace too.

I'm still working on the two paintings I wrote about yesterday. I promised to share some of the in process experience. My promise is kept. What you see in the photos today is not what the finished painting will be like.

When I paint I pour, splash, dribble and spay the fluid colour onto the canvas. It moves around as water does. I respond to that movement and make choices based on my conception. The experience is new each time. During the process the painting can look muddy sometimes, spectacular at others. These temporary moments are part of the process and experience of my painting.

Gradually something takes shape. The movement of the colour is determined by many accidental happenings; how I applied the undercoat, how I mixed the colour with water, where I placed the canvas on the floor, etc. This art of mine is spontaneous, emotive, and accidentally on purpose. There is a method to my madness. The ones that really work radiate the uniqueness of my personal art. Of course people have different tastes and will enjoy one painting more than another. It is interesting to note peoples response. My co-creators are an integral part of my art. My paintings are Bodhi-splashes.

Bodhi is an abstract noun formed from the verbal root budh (to awake, become aware, notice, know or understand,) corresponding to the verbs bujjhati (Pāli) and bodhati or budhyate (Sanskrit). It is sometimes described as complete and perfect sanity, or awareness of the true nature of the universe. Sanity control folks, sanity control. That's what it's about. Or maybe uncontrolled sanity.

and have a day
uncontrolled sanity,

John Redmond

in Ottawa, Canada

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