Thursday, August 13, 2009

Under Paint On a Hot Day In August

Greetings Friends,

As you can see by the TV screen it was a hot day yesterday, August 13 '09, in ye ole lumber camp.


Click on an image and it will enlarge for your viewing pleasure.

After cutting away the newspaper from the paintings I have been working on I leaned them up against the TV. I then took some photos to share the progress with you. If you go back a couple days in the blog you can compare the undercoat at this stage with what I photographed for you then.

When I began these/this painting(s) I decided to paint with no reference to landscape motifs. This is inner landscape manifesting . . . Oh oh . . . inner weather.

It is still unknown whether this project is two paintings or one Diptych(?).
This is more Art in the Raw.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go for a long walk along the canal. For those of you not of Ottawa, the Rideau canal runs through the downtown of Ottawa. It is only a few blocks from my cave. I thought that I would head out along the canal west toward Dows Lake, through the arboretum and then back home by the canal. Ha ha ha ha - heat. Check the weather on the TV screen above. I had lathered on the sun screen. I thought I had a full water bottle. Ready I put on my sun hat, shades and strapped on the back pack. I had hoped to go for an hour or hour and a half.


I lasted about 20 minutes. I stopped for a drink from my bottle and saw that I had not refilled it after the Gatineau hike a couple days before. It was so hot I decided to head home to the AC in the cave. On my way back I stopped in at Candy Mountain on Elgin St. - Gelato Yum!{:~)

I love this heat but my Gelato was dripping during the block I had to walk to the apartment. Poor me had to lick it. Yum ! {:~)

It can get pretty hot in Ottawa. Years back I taught ESL in Ottawa to South American and Mexican youth. They were complaining bitterly about how hot it was in Ottawa in the summer.

We are tough. How cold it gets. How hot it gets. Crazy Canucks. Our brain freezes in winter and boils in summer. GG Grandpa was homesick for Ireland.

Have a great day in whatever you are in, wherever, whenever you are,


john redmond
Ottawa, Canada

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