Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For Eros, Son of Aphrodite

Hi Folks,
The painting I have posted today was one of two created for a show of 'Erotic Art' at the G. Becker Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Eros (Ἔρως), or Aros in Greek mythology, was the primordial god of lust, beauty, love, and intercourse; he was also worshipped as a fertility deity. His Roman counterpart was Cupid, "desire", also known as Amor, "love". . .

Love and Lust; XXOX {:~)

A simple palette over the textured acrylic base on stretched canvas creates a blue-gold image of primordial first love that you just have to touch.

As an aside;
I am still working on getting the camera out to photograph, in it's artist's studio environment, the triptych painting that I mentioned in yesterday's blog. Hold your breath.
Today I plan on putting some undercoating on a couple of 36'' x 24'' x 1/2'' canvases. At this point I have not quite decided whether to work on them horizontally or vertically. I will paint them side-by-side. I think I am in the mood to paint a couple big purely abstract paintings without much reference to the outer motifs of landscape. I am waiting for the muse. Something wonderful will come through. The gallery is full.
Here is a poem which seems to relate to today's painting. I composed it sometime in the 1990's . . . the last decade of the last century of the last millennium . . .whew. . .are we on the verge of a new Myth?
All Multiplying All - by John Russell Redmond

Wherever I turn my glance
I see the face of life.
In whatever way I look
The smile of many faces
Stirs me.
A life of fullness.
A light of bliss.
A force that moves
Whirls the delight.
The swing of joy.
The mirth.
The terrible.

Have a great day.
The painting posted today can be found at my Auctiva store and on EBay. Simply scroll down this page to our friendly Froggie, click and you will hop to the store. There you can view many of my paintings. Each one is linked to EBay. . .
john redmond
in Ottawa, Canada

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