Friday, August 7, 2009

Triptych in the Raw Revealed; Breathe Away...

Hi All,

The car is all greased and tuned.
The pocket book is out of sort$.
The wheel goes 'round.
Rich and poor they start a cry, oh what a tribulation . . .

I did manage to take photos of the latest completed triptych experiment as well as photos of the current paintings that I am working on.

And here they are . . . click on an image to view it enlarged.

First 'Triptych in the Raw';

I have included photos of the latest triptych in the raw. These are paintings in their birth environment. Later I will re-photo the painting and edit it so that it can be viewed as it would be seen on a living room wall. . . perhaps yours. This photo is offered so that you can breathe again. I know you have been wondering about this new painting for the past days. You may continue to, 'Wonder' as it is good to Wonder.

In this environmental photo you will notice things like juggling balls, boxing gloves, Kali sticks, paint spattered shoes, toy of my dearly departed kitties, wrestling shoes, indoor trampoline, laundry detergent bottle filled with water and used as a weight to lift, my blue denim jean jacket . . . I revealed myself naked to you but thought it better that I stand behind the camera.

Black in this painting is quite dominant. However, you may notice that there is an abundance of light pastel colour which peeks through in many places. The painting is energetic, stormy, turbulent yet hopeful. Rays of hope shine through. There is some deep blue too that calls one to the mystery. Also if you imagine you may see some happy birds on this canvas. Or whatever. For it is you, co-creator, who are viewing clear reality shining;
Art. . .
. . . budding Bodhi . . .


Now here is the latest painting in process.

Actually it could be two paintings in process. I have not yet decided or discovered which it shall be. I should say that this process has not yet revealed that which it shall be. Good grief I sound phili-oh-so-sophical. I know. I know. I know.

When the photos of the newest creative expression were taken there were a handful of undercoats applied to the pre-primed stretched canvas. I placed the two canvases side by side on the floor and began to pour. If it should be we will have a 72'' x 24'' x 1/2'' painting. If it should be twins that will be wonderful too. What you see here is very much an 'in process' painting. Since I took these photos more undercoating has been added. Now I await for the paint to dry a bit before I apply more if I feel the need.

I act and react and respond to what happens on the canvas in the moment.
Or if I am to be Bodhi I might say moment to moment; Now.

Wakee wakee.

It is the surprise expression that turns me on. The feeling, the energy, the Art that shines through is what I want. When I feel beauty, power and luminosity in the piece I am pleased. I paint until no more pours out. That is when the piece is done. And you, dear viewer, except occasionally, get to see only a trace of the journey.

And that is called Art, for the workers in paint . . .'least for those of them left. It is authentic.

As usual, this message can be scrolled to the bottom of the page where you will see our little Froggy. Click on Froggy and you will hop to my online store which has more of my original paintings with links to eBay. You may also find me on Etsy. Search for johnredmond.

Have a super hero day
if the cape fits
wear it.

Yours Truly,

'Another Fool On This Rock'
(U2 can quote me),

john redmond
Ottawa, Canada

p.s. keeping a triptych-eye on Liam Titcomb traveling minstrel crossing the Canadian trails in support of War Child. . .

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