Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Art; Shining . . .

Hello All,

My understanding of 'Art' is simple. It is a window-glimpse of that shining here, there and everywhere . . . "It's so far out the way out is in." (thanks George).

This morning I was rereading a book of Joseph Campbell's writings. 'Reflections on the Art of Living - A Joseph Campbell Companion'; Selected and Edited by Diane K. Osbon. I think the book is readily available.

"The goal of life is rapture. Art is the way we experience it." - Joseph Campbell; My kind of man. He also wrote, "The revelation of art is not ethics, nor a judgement, nor even of humanity as one generally thinks of it. Rather, the revelation is a marveling recognition of the radiant Form of forms that shines through all things."

Art is an expression of the Power and Radiant Energy that is here, there, everywhere and nowhere - That moves, That moves not. There is a story of the Buddha's silent flower sermon. He holds up a flower without saying a word . Only one person understood the gesture.

An artist can reveal in rhythm, harmony, colour and texture that which resonates within the viewer because it is the same mystery. To quote from a song by myself, "We can always call direct that still quiet moment." The world spins and is still simultaneously depending upon perspective.

Another quote from Joseph Campbell, "All the world will open up when you've achieved this inner dept, and your play in life will be informed by this radiance. The Grail Castle is in the field that is adventured in the way of experiencing esthetic arrest. The Grail is the sense of total rapture and spiritual fulfillment that comes from your experience of this hermetically sealed field. It is like probing for oil: you put a pipe down, strike oil, and then realize the oil is under everything. But first have to go down somewhere to find it, and this is the field of this plunge."

A painting can serve as that 'pipe'.

Today I've posted some digital play I created yesterday in the form of a self-portrait . . ."It's getting better all the time . . ."

Also I have posted photos of a 40" x 30'' x 1/2" inch painting which is a member of the same series as the posting immediately previous to this one.

This one is electric rainbow radiance. It is unusual; some being or landscape arising. Or perhaps it is island waves of energy colour arising out of deep waters. You can see yourself. By painting abstractly and with a very fluid medium I allow us all to see and experience more.

On this page, Click on an image if you wish to view it enlarged

If you would like to view more of my art then scoll to the bottom of this page where Froggy resides. Click on Froggy and you will hop to my online store with more photos and links to eBay.
Also you can find me at Etsy. Search for seller johnredmond (no spaces).

At this time I have four medium sized paingings on the floor recieving undercoating paint. I began them a couple days ago.

Have a great day,

John Redmond
in Ottawa, Canada

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