Tuesday, October 6, 2009


40'' x 30'' x 12'' DSCN1258
40” x 30” x 1/2” abstract acrylic painting by John R. Redmond

Hi All,
Today I have posted a painting that is rather subtle and delicate.  It reminded me of song lyrics I wrote not long ago.  Friend Murray and I were writing a tune one evening but aborted efforts after a while.  Murray had created a sweet tune but we were not totally satisfied with the lyrics.  The following morning I was up early and began playing with words as I do.  I could not remember all of the melody that Murray had created the evening before but set to work with what I could, keeping an end rhyme.  When Murray saw the lyrics I had written he reworked the tune a bit.  The result was a pretty song which we have recorded.  We sang it as a duet with Murray singing low and myself singing high.  It still needs some cello tracks.
Here are a few lines from the song to accompany the painting I am sharing;

40'' x 30'' x 12'' detail 1258

“There’s no edge to her world
Seamless what she can see
Above lone silence air
Her swan ecstasy
Between quickening notes
A trackless melody . . .
She’s a mystery to me.”

40'' x 30'' detail DSCN1261

40'' x 30'' x 12'' detailbcd1258
40'' x 30'' detailb DSCN1259

40” x 30” x 1/2” abstract acrylic painting by John R. Redmond

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Here is a little Yo Yo Ma performing on cello and comments on space between the notes.  Does anyone have his phone number?  We need some cello tracks {:~DD  The embedded function is apparently disabled.  When you click it you will see the note.  Click the note and you will zoom to Youtube in a separate window to listen/view the video.

John Redmond
Ottawa, Canada

John Redmond Art

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