Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gargoyle . . . Surreal Chim Chimeras

36 x 30 Oct 10 2009 008

36” x 30” x 1/2” abstract acrylic painting by John R. Redmond

Happy Thanks Canadian Giving Tout La Monde,

We get to celebrate Thanks Giving earlier that our cousins to the South.  That would be because our fall harvest happens earlier.  And that would be because it is c . . . c . . . colder in C . . . C . . . Canada. There is a reason we are 30 million-ish and they are 300; Snow.  Yes it is now snowing somewhere in Canada – scary.  No snow in Ottawa, yet.

Today’s painting is very active.  It seems everything is moving.

36 x 30 detail Oct 10 2009 008

detail 36” x 30” x 1/2” abstract acrylic painting by John R. Redmond


36 x 30 detail Oct 10 2009 010








36 x 30 detail crop Oct 10 2009 015


36 x 30 detail crop2 Oct 10 2009 015






It seems to  be a surreal landscape with a lakeshore and underwater view.

I can tell you that when I am working on some of these paintings with black and white undercoating there is ever the opportunity for everything to get muddy.  I think the colour comes through on this blustery one.  Remember that this was painted during the fall stormy weather.  While painting it I added gold paint to the mix in areas.  It all shines through in the light.  Plus the gold paint adds some earth tones to the painting.

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The rain stopped enough for me to head outdoors with this painting and takes some photos.  I propped it outside my window on the air conditioner.  While I was photographing it began to lightly hail.  I looked up and the sky was blue and bright with a big cloud hovering over me and my painting.  Perhaps it was recognizing a kindred spirit in the paint.


36 x 20 detail Oct 10 2009 016


36 x 30 detail crop2 Oct 10 2009 010


36 x 30 detail crop3 Oct 10 2009 010


“Here comes the rain again, raining on my head like a memory.  Raining on my head like a new emotion”  - someone


36 x 30 detail crop4 Oct 10 2009 011









36 x 30 detail crop3 Oct 10 2009 011

More Gargoyles?

From the handy dandy online dictionary;


  1. A roof spout in the form of a grotesque or fantastic creature projecting from a gutter to carry rainwater clear of the wall.
  2. A grotesque ornamental figure or projection.
  3. A person of bizarre or grotesque appearance.

[Middle English gargoile, from Old French gargole, gargouille, throat, waterspout.]

And from Britannica Concise Encyclopedia;


Carved spout that drains water from a rooftop gutter. The Gothic gargoyle was usually a grotesque bird or animal sitting on the back of a cornice and projecting forward for several feet in order to throw the water far from the building. The term is often loosely applied to any grotesque or fantastic beast, such as the chimères (chimeras) that decorate the parapets of Notre-Dame de Paris.


36 x 30 detail crop3 Oct 10 2009 012





36” x 30” x 1/2” abstract acrylic painting by John R. Redmond

Remember that you can view the photo album as a slide show in full screen.  It is a trip.

I completed a handful more paintings including (I think) the Halloween Monster Mash I previewed with amusement yesterday.  I will share something of them with you soon.  I am now working on some more calm paintings.  {:~DDD  I put the first undercoating on three today.


Happy Thanks Canadian Giving.

Enjoy your Tofurky,


36 x 20 detail Oct 10 2009 013

John Redmond

Ottawa, Canada


John Redmond Art

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