Friday, October 2, 2009

ET-Me From A Wacky Edge Of A Rabbit Hole World; Tout Pour S’Amusement

 30 x 24 detail4 Oct 1 2009 037

Hi Every-One,

Hope you will be amused today.

I am posting images from the painting that has been on life support – the sibling of yesterday’s posted painting.  There are some interesting bits in this busy amusing painting so I place it here before you – tout pour s’amusement.

Currently there are two new 36” x 30” x 1/2” canvases on my cave floor with a couple coats of black and white undercoating drying.

30 x 24 detail Alt2 Oct 1 2009 032











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I messed only a little with the photos taken of this painting.  These little folks are really in the painting.  My alter egos come out in paint.  We are one but we’re not the same…


30 x 24 detail Alt Oct 1 2009 032


There are a couple turtle like images in the painting.  One on the top right swimming into the image and one on the top left sitting.

And . . .

30 x 24 detail crop edit Oct 1 2009 034

Ribbit . . .



30 x 24 Oct 1 2009 030

30” x 24” x 1/2” abstract acrylic painting by John R. Redmond

This busy whimsical painting was getting a bit muddy but there were areas of pure colour so I kept it on life support by adding gold and copper and red and purple and green etc to darken certain areas and thus emphasis the colour remaining.  It will need a good strong light to bring out the colour but the image is packed full of fun.


30 x 24 detail Alt4 Oct 1 2009 032



Tout pour s’amusement . . .


30 x 24 detail2 Oct 1 2009 030


From The Wacky Edge Of A Rabbit Hole World,

30 x 24 detail2 Oct 1 2009 036 

May you always have

Walls for the winds

A roof for the rain

Tea beside the fire

Laughter to cheer you

Those you love near you

And all your heart might desire,


John Redmond

Ottawa, Canada


John Redmond Art

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