Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Way of Moving


I think I titled this blog 'A Way of Moving' because the painting I have posted is sold.

It was up at my recent solo show at Irene's Pub in Ottawa. The dimensions are 28'' x 20'' x 1/2'' on stretched canvas. Click on an image to have an enlarged view.

I am happy that it has a nice home. An artist needs to let go of his work and allow it to flow on. It makes room for more work to come through. Just like life; flow on.

Today I worked on a new painting. I had actually applied the black and white undercoating some time ago. I was in the mood to pull that canvas out and apply some colour. It seemed that the colour was turning muddy as I applied it so I kept adding more, including some light gold. I may seem strange to add more paint but I work with water and that means things flow on and all changes. At this stage the colour looks relatively light. There appears to be a nice foreground. I decided to leave well enough alone and let it dry as I head out.

Enjoy you're weekend. I am going to the Rainbow Bistro to hear Wicked Grin perform - will get you to their website. They play around Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto and have performed at the Ottawa Bluesfest too. They offer Blues with Bite.


john redmond
in Ottawa
P.S. check with the froggy below to hop toward more of my paintings.

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