Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Solo Show At Irene's

Good weekend to you All,

While my recent solo show at Irene's Pub in Ottawa was up I took some photos. I am posting some of them for you today. I really enjoyed showing my paintings at Irene's. It has a nice community pub feel.

When I hang a show I usually make some choose some paintings ahead of time plus I also bring extra at the time of hanging. I attempt to paint the venue with my paintings. Visually I take in the whole scene, colours etc and try to make it all fit well.

Hanging a show usually takes me about four hours. It feels like a creative act in itself.

I have had a few moments of angst while wrestling with my current triptych painting. One of the three panels was wrinkling. I had not encountered this problem before. Yesterday I took it with me to Rancho Del Greely and discussed the situation with artisto friend Brenda. She suggested spraying the back of the canvas with water. 'O.K.," said I. I went downstairs to find a spray mister but passed the laundry sink and said to myself, 'what the heck, just put the painting under the tap." I did exactly that. I let the water run for a few seconds, moved the painting around so the back of the painted canvas was wet and let the water drain. Instantly the canvas was tight as a drum. I took the painting back upstairs marveling at this occurrence. I leaned it against a wall to dry. What would happen? Would the wrinkles return and leave me with a diptych?

In the morning I noticed that some small wrinkling remained and so I decided to repeat the water soaking. This time I turbo dried the canvas by leaning it against a table on the back patio in the sunshine. This worked. The second soaking and drying returned the canvas to its intended flat look. Whew! My triptych enthusiasm was back too. Miracle of miracles.

john r
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