Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feeling Very Jetson . . . . . . . . All 21st C.

Hi Friends and All,

I am feeling very Jetson this evening in Ottawa.
. . . So very 21st Century.
I am on Facebook. I have a blog.
And I just got my Skype world happening too.

When I was perhaps 7 years old I would read a book
in bed and dream of being able to see it on a big screen.
Et Voila here we are.

Late in the afternoon when I returned from a nice day of teaching grade one and two I added a bit more paint to my latest triptych. I was looking forward to seeing how the bit of paynes grey/blue that I had added before heading to Rancho Del Greely had dried. It looks good.

There are the layers of colour that I want. Also I felt that a bit of dark colour was needed on the right side of the painting. It also adds to the multi-dimensional, multi-perspective style I enjoy. One can look at things from many directions, from inside out and outside in at the same time. Any way, the pre-Greely bit looks like forest off in the distance. Todays application of colour added a bit of red over a yellow area that needed it.

I strive for balance in the midst of movement. It is the artist in me...both visual artist and martial artist that enjoys this way.

The painting I have posted today is a triptych I created during the past month. It is actually the first that I painted. At this time it hangs in the living room of Rancho Del Greely.

I have included a handful of detail shots here. Click on the photo to see it enlarged.

If you would like to view more then scroll down to our froggy friend at the bottom of the page and click for a hop to my Auctiva store which in turn with a click on a painting will carry you to the eBay page. On the eBay posting I included about sixteen shots. If you find the supersize button below the photo you will see the pictures in enlarged and in great detail.

It is tricky to get the colours of the painting to meet and blend. Water has a mind of its own as I have mentioned. I think I did succeed in making it work in this case. It is not like using a roller or a brush to apply paint. The water on the three canvases which I work on simultaneously side by side flows in its own river. The layering process helps make it work.

The evening is moving on and now so am I friends.
Have a great day or night, sunset or sunrise . . .wherever you are.


john redmond
in Ottawa, Canada

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