Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Day At Rancho del Greely

This fine - really fine - sunny day finds me dog and house sitting for friends in Greely located at the South end of the Ottawa area. It is a bungalow style house with a large open space lot. I have named it Rancho Del Greely.

The lovely pups in the photo are my friend's newfoundlander and standard poodle. Riley is very photogenic against the white carpet of the Rancho's living room. Lily smiles with the Christmas tree in the background. I took the photos during last season's Christmas holidays. With my downloaded photo editor I created their antique image - Riley and Lily circa 1909.

The second image is of my GGG Grandpa Madog Redmond. I think he was a pirate along the Cornish coast {:~DDD

My Great grandma was Cornish. According to my late fantastic, amazing aunt Ida, Great Grandma Edith never considered herself English. She was Cornish. The family were Cornish miners. They came to Canada and some ended up in Michigan.

I have lots of American cousins, some known and some unknown.
It's like that here.

You will find a few genealogy references in my blogs. Sorry, can't help it since I got into it a while ago. Recently I connected with long lost cousins who are sprinkled around the world.

As I am not at my home apartment-cave today I will not post a painting. You will have to settle for the photo shoot.

I do have a three panel triptych painting near completion on my living room floor. It is looking pretty good now as I add some final layers. Painting the triptychs is a bit tricky using the technique I do. Water flows with a mind of its own. I employ it mixed with acrylic paint. Adding layer upon layer builds some interesting dimension to the pieces I create this way. There is one triptych posted on eBay and on my Auctiva store at this time. Click on the links or on the froggie image at the bottom of the page. Did I mention that I am also on Etsy; look for johnredmond.

Have a super sunshiny day friends.

john redmond

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