Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dance Dance Wherever You May Be

Greetings to You,

The painting that I am posting today, currently posted on eBay, was created for a show at the Cube Gallery, Ottawa entitled 'Homage'. Fifty or sixty artists participated and each was to create a painting in homage to an artist who influenced their work. My choice was Jackson Pollock. I employ an action splatter and pour technique especially at the undercoat stage.

This painting is one of two that I created in preparation for the Homage show. I painted them simultaneously, side by side in two session. Lots of paint; gobs of paint were applied to the canvas. Most of the work was done in the first session whch lasted the good part of an early evening. The next morning I added some final touches. These paintings took days to dry. I had to tip toe around them as they lay on my living room floor during the drying time. Both paintings have lots of texture and many intersting layers that peek out from the canvas and paint. I chose the other painting to show at the Cube gallery. Another time I will post that painting which at the time appeared in Ottawa's daily newspaper, The Citizen.

The one I post here was named 'Dancer' by a friend of mine who saw it. I liked the name and have kept it. The dimensions of 'Dancer' are 30'' x 24'' x 1/2'' on stretched canvas. The pallet I used was one I do not usually employ. It was, after all a homage to Jackson. A varnish was not applied to 'Dancer' as I felt it uneccessary and perhaps unlike Pollock.

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Dance, dance wherever you may be,


john redmond
in Ottawa, Canada

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