Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Full MOoN Waning Now…Wolfman

24 x 20 edit DSCN3189

24” x 20” abstract acrylic painting by John R Redmond


Hi U,

The dogs were howling at the full moon last night.  WoW.  Our silver sister looked great when I went out for a walk in the early evening.   It was a real fall full moon hugged by some thin, wispy clouds.  They were just enough to add to the beauty of the moment.  I hope you had an opportunity to feel the full lunar vibes.

Speaking of howling dogs, I worked a little more on the tune I began a couple days ago.  Some more lyrics are posted below.  This morning I made another rough recording to iron out some things and add some too.  Having fun.

Today’s painting is one that I completed during the past month.

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The following image is from yesterday’s posted painting.  I noticed this image in the pictures last night and could not resist sharing the ‘wolfman’ image with you.  I clicked it into black and white. 

detail 24 x 20 edit crop2 bc DSCN3208

Full Moon Wolf Man


Some lyrics from ‘We One’ a song by John R Redmond with regards to Emerson, John & Yoko.


Mother, shots been heard ‘round the world

Man, we been tearing your heart apart again

Win or loose you know it’ll be the same

Minuteman; hero let your gun be still

Minuteman, minuteman

War is over

If you want it

We One

We One

We are One

We One


detail 24 x 20 edit DSCN3194


detail 24 x 20 edit  DSCN3193


detail 24 x 20 edit DSCN3187 






Above & Below; Detail 24” x 20” acrylic painting by John R Redmond


24 x 20 edit4 DSCN3189



24” x 20” abstract acrylic painting by John R Redmond


Remember when you view the Full Album you can enjoy the pics in a full screen slide show.


Over the Moon,

detail 24 x 20 edit crop DSCN3181


John Redmond

Ottawa, Canada


John Redmond Art

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