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‘Flow Motion’ Is Now In Motion at Galerie 240 . . . 240 Guigues Ave. Ottawa – in the market area.

Vernissage Nov 20 2009 Nov 212009 039

The Vernissage Friday November 20, 2009; ‘Flow Motion’ Galerie 240  Acrylic paintings by John R. Redmond

Greetings All,

‘Flow Motion’ is now in full motion at Galerie 240.  The solo show of my acrylic paintings on canvas will run through to December 13, 2009.


Galerie 240 NOv 19 haning paintings Andrea Burns Jenn S Brenda WarnerNov 20 2009 003

Hanging in motion . . .  Thursday evening prior to Friday’s Vernissage.

Galerie 240 Nov 19 resting after hanging paintings Andrea Burns Brenda Warner Jenn S Nov 20 2009 005

Resting in slow motion after hanging ‘Flow Motion’.

Vernissage Nov 20 2009 edit crop Nov 212009 011

This is what it’s about . . . ‘Flow Motion’ . . .

Vernissage Nov 20 2009 Nov 212009 002

Cheers from the artistic community of Ottawa-Montreal and Beyond. . .

Vernissage NOv 20 2009 Nov 212009 015

A Vernissage today is less about varnishing and more about friends and art lovers getting together to enjoy the moment . . .

Vernissage Nov 20 2009 Nov 212009 005

Vernissage Nov 20 2009 Nov 212009 023

Vernissage Nov 20 2009 Nov 212009 026

We had a contingent of Ottawa’s best blues musicians at the Vernissage . . . Wicked Grin, Double Double, Zak the Saxman . . . Murray Kinsley . . . Leigh-Anne Stanton , Ken, Hazel . . . Main Stage Bluesfest crews folks…

kVernissage Nov 20 2009 Nov 212009 035

A very mysterious ‘Flow Motion’ vernissage visitation from a wonderful Tom Wilson sprite…Eye and I . . . nothing is better than freedom . . . Check out my earlier blog posting about Tom Wilson’s September 2009 art show ‘Tom Wilson And A Cast Of Thousands’ at Galerie 240.  The posting was made in September 2009 and is titled, “It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before We Get To Shine . . . Or Going To The Chapel.”  I share thoughts on Tom’s art.  In case you haven’t noticed I am a total fan of Tom Wilson in all incarnations and associations and I am thrilled to show my art at the same Galerie 240.  Tom’s paintings are FAB. It is nice to keep good company.

"Flow Motion"
A showing of acrylic paintings by John Redmond opens at Galerie 240, in Ottawa with a Vernissage Friday November 20, 7-9 p.m. The Show runs to December 13, 2009 Come on out to the Opening Vernissage and meet the artist.
Click on the Galerie 240 link to read more bio and info about the show.
Galerie 240
Representing fine Canadian & International Artists
For more information: 240 Guigues Avenue, Ottawa Canada K1N 5J2

Map picture

You will find Galerie 240 located at 240 Guigues Ave. at King Edward Ave. in the market area.  You cannot enter Guigues Ave. from King Edward.  Galerie 240 is in a house built circa 1870. Located on the South side of Guigues, it has a nice big front porch.
Below is a bird’s eye view;

Map picture

Galerie 240 is in the center of the above photo. Click on the map or bird’s eye view for more map info.

Click on any image to view it enlarged. If you would like to view my paintings check out previous blog entries and/or scroll down to Froggy at the bottom of the page. Click on Froggy and hop to my online store with links to eBay. I'm also on Etsy. Search for seller johnredmond (no spaces) or use the painting images on the right side of this blog page to zoom there instantly. You can find me on Facebook, MySpace and, "tweeet twweet," Twitter (Redjar7)

A selection of photos of the ‘Flow Motion’ hanging and Vernissage at Galerie 240, Ottawa, Canada

Vernissage Nov 20 2009 Nov 212009 017

Enjoy the Daze worth living folks,

detail 24 x 20 edit crop DSCN3181

John Redmond
Ottawa, Canada

John Redmond Art

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