Thursday, January 5, 2012

On And On We Go Rose Blossoms

We Are a Rose 5'' x 4'' detail  116ab Altered10jrr


Happy New Year Everybody!

I wish for only the bestest 4Yoo this 2012 and on and on . . .

One thing is certain.  2012 is the end of the world as we know it.  No doomsday calendar message here ha ha.  At every moment of every hour this world is done and born again.  On and on we bloom in awe.  On and on we bloom in all.  If you think your know who we are or when we are please guess again.


The image above was created via a mixture of ones, zeros and paint and pen.  The background is from one of my smaller paintings.  The text is a poem/song that I wrote. I poured it all into a Photoscape mixing bowl and stirred well.


No Limit?

Sept 29 09 006 edit cropI love it when things presumed to be constant, permanent and certain are discovered to be, well, inconstant, impermanent and uncertain.  One or two scientists may soon have to eat their boxer shorts on live national tv.  During 2011 the speed of light was revealed to be possibly not quite fast as things can go.

Albert Einstein was a pretty smart fellow and C was one of his letters.  E=MC2  But could Alberto have been wrong?  Could some speedy little neutrinos violate the speed limit of the universe?  Does God indeed play dice.  The law, Albert said, is that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

“The scientists behind the experiments, who are part of the Oscillation Project with Emulsion Tracking Apparatus, or Opera, collaboration, had conducted more than 15,000 measurements over three years before announcing their results.

They used 10 microsecond long pulses of neutrinos in the initial experiment, but other scientists pointed out that this could be a potential source of error as the pulses were relatively long compared to the difference in time being measured.

In the new test they used shorter pulses of neutrinos, at around three nanoseconds, so they could time the arrival of the neutrinos with greater accuracy.

When the Opera team ran the improved experiment 20 times, they found almost exactly the same result.”

We shall see  . . .

Here is a dude sporting beard and glasses telling the tale..

Never the same river.  Never the same man.

Google the above if you are uncertain about the meaning.


Flow Motion (the book) now available.  Click click for a full screen preview.  My book is available in soft cover, hard cover with dust jacket and hard cover image wrap.   Plus, via blurb or itunes it is availble as an e-book.


This is a pretty darned cool way to share some creative energy with you.  If you enjoy this preview and want to share it with friends simply click on the t or f on the wee blurb tool bar above.  You can share via Twitter or Facebook.

(Please note:  should be reading this blog entry at a late date and the above link to the book is not working simply go to the Blurb website  and do a search for my name.  You will find me.)


We are a rose…

The other one is me et ouis.  This one is them et me.


We were talking . . .

5'' x 4'' detail  116ab Altered8jrr



Thank you Sgt. Pepper. 




Cheers for 2012.

To the river . . .To the journey . . .


Redmond John R canoe 2011

John Redmond

Ottawa, Canada



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