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Flow Motion; The Book Now Available

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Hello Folks,

I am loving zeros and ones.  Playing with  images of my acrylic paintings I have employed the online book publishing world of The Great Blurb to create first editions of Flow Motion; The Book.

I began with the “Large Landscape” edition which is 13” x 11” inches (33 x 28 cm four colour printing).

Clicking on the links below you can preview the entire book.  Accompanying the images of my acrylic paintings are poems and lyrics to songs I have written.

If you want to see the whole book at a glance then click on the six little squares in the center of the blurb tool bar below.  Thumbnail images of all pages in the book will appear two by two.

Blurb is great! 

You can purchase a copy in either hardcover with full colour dust jacket or a hardcover ImageWrap edition.  All this is done online via Blurb.

The link below takes you to a full preview of the 7’’ x 7’’ Flow Motion book.


This is a pretty darned cool way to share some creative energy with you.  If you enjoy this preview and want to share it with friends simply click on the t or f on the wee blurb tool bar above.  You can share via Twitter or Facebook.

(Please note:  should be reading this blog entry at a late date and the above link to the book is not working simply go to the Blurb website  and do a search for my name.  You will find me.)


Who Wants To Know?

Encore, encore!

Encore, encore! 

For your enjoyment-amusement again here via Youtube is the long  journey musical basement tapes recording of one song included in the book Flow Motion.  Who Wants To Know is a song I wrote.  Musician master Murray Kinsley recorded it with me.  The cartoon is mostly all Johnny. Murray made the funny Mujotles hayfield image used in the credits at the end.

Who Wants To Know? performed by the Mujotles


Hmmmm….Now I’m thinking I could record my reading the poems and all for you.  Or maybe; Flow Motion The Movie.

Watch for that one ha ha.




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January 25 2010 detail  033

John Redmond

Ottawa, Canada



John Redmond Art

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