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Leonard Cohen For Governor General . . . . . Doo Dum Dum Dum Dee Doo Dum Dum . . .

Leonard Cohen for Govenor General DSCN0855


Hi Y’All,

This week someone invited me to join the Facebook page “Leonard Cohen for Governor General / Leonard Cohen comme Gouverneur Général”  In good humoured support I joined and posted the labelled photo of one of my 24” x 24” x 1/2” paintings pictured above.

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Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen; Governor General {:~D lol

Doo Dum Dum  Dum Dee Doo Dum Dum . . .

The current Governor General is due to be replaced in September 2010.  A light-heartedly serious suggestion is that Leonard Cohen be appointed to the position.  The Facebook page has received national media attention.  More about the page comes after this info from Wiki.

For those who do not know, here is the GG story from Wikipedia extra links and all je pense.

“The Governor General of Canada (French [masculine]: Gouverneur général du Canada, or [feminine]: Gouverneure générale du Canada) is the viceregal representative in the federal jurisdiction of the Canadian monarch and head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, who is equally shared with 15 other sovereign nations in a form of personal union, but resides predominantly in her oldest realm, the United Kingdom. On the advice of her Canadian Prime Minister only,[1] the Queen appoints the Governor General to carry out most of the monarch's constitutional and ceremonial duties for an unfixed period of time — known as serving At Her Majesty's pleasure — though five years is the normal convention, as is a rotation between anglophone and francophone incumbents. Once in office, these individuals maintain direct contact with the Queen, wherever she may be at the time.[2]

The office has its roots in the 16th and 17th century colonial governors of New France and British North America, and thus is the oldest continuous institution in Canada.”

The first Governor General of Canada  Charles Stanley Monck, 4th Viscount Monck was from Templemore, Co. Tippary, Ireland.  His family was friends of our Lloyd family in Co. Tipperary.  There are entries in the diary of our GG Grandfather’s cousin which mention Lady Monck visiting.  Interesting

The current Governor General is Michaëlle Jean, who has served since 27 September 2005.”


A Poet For Governor General;

Here is what the founders of the Facebook page say.

“Yes, we're serious! At least we're serious about the point we wish to make. Invite all your friends!”

“This group exists to promote the idea that Leonard Cohen would make an ideal choice to be Governor General of Canada. He is respected and even revered both internationally and domestically. He is fluently bilingual and is gladly claimed by both French and English Canada. He loves our nation in the quiet way only true Canadians understand. He is spiritual and morally centered without pushing his faith on anyone else.
Is this realistic? Likely not. Mr. Cohen is probably too wise to accept the job even if it were offered to him. But endorsing Leonard Cohen as a candidate still sends a message about who we want to represent our nation as Governor General. Not a cynical choice. Not a politically expedient choice. But a choice that reflects our true pride as Canadians in who and what we are. A nation not afraid to be led by a poet.”

Ah well, even if Leonard is not appointed Governor General the thought is lovely.  To have a poet in office – sounds great.





The latest Flow Motion acrylic painting on canvas from John R Redmond;

Process painting brush mister closeup with painting and Bob Dylan in background April 2010 DSCN5837


This week I worked on laying colour down on one of the two 40” x 30” x 1/2” canvases that I had prepared with textured undercoating.  Here are a few sneak peeks.  These photos were taken after I had put the first splashes of colour on.  Currently I am in the process of  add a few final touches before I add a first coat of varnish.  We shall see where it goes from there.  Notice Bob Dylan watching in the upper left of the above photo.


Detail 40 x 32 in process April 2010 DSCN5838



Process paianting brush mister closeup with painting April 2010 DSCN5836










Process painting 40 x 32 brush and painting dylan in background April 2010DSCN5834


The paint is still wet.  The photos above show the very first application of colour to this canvas.



Process painting 40 x 32 overhead photo April 2010 DSCN5832


Things have evolved a bit from this preliminary application of colour.  I enjoy the movement and colour in the upper regions of the canvas.  When I post the finished painting you will notice that that area remains much as it is now.  I worked on the bottom third, adding more colour etc.  Sneak peek almost over.


Process painting 40 x 32 undercoat only Aprli 2010 DSCN5640

Above is an arial photo.  This is what the canvas looked like with texture applied to the pre-primed canvas.


Here is a B&W instant photo detail photo of the texture before I added colour.

Process painting detail 40 x 32  texture undercoat rendered in BandW April 2010 DSCN5648


Leonard Cohen for Governor General; First we take the Glebe then we take the Hill.


Doo Dum Dum  Dum Dee Doo Dum Dum . . .

detail 30 x 24 January 25 2010 edit 025

John Redmond

Ottawa, Canada


John Redmond Art

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