Friday, April 2, 2010

Elvis?? Macca??? A Walk In The Park Along The Rideau Canal In Downtown Ah-Tah-Wah

Ottawa Canal Walk Mar 31 2010 DSCN5220

Yahoooooo! Spring has sprung early. 

The tulips are arising already in Ottawa along the Rideau canal in the heart of the city.  Tulips are the stars of the annual Tulip Festival in early May.  Very often we still have much snow on the ground at this time in early April. At this rate, the tulips may already have come and gone by May Tulip Festival time .

After reading my friend Rob Bruner’s story about a recent chance encounter he and wife Judith had with Paul McCartney while on a walk in an L.A. park, I went for a walk along the canal with hope of seeing Elvis.

Ottawa Canal Walk Mar 31 2010 DSCN5228

It was during that walk when I took the photos above and others posted in this blog entry.

Here is a link to Rob’s blog, “6 months in LA - go Big or go Home”

detail 40 x 32 DSCN5177

Hi All,

I’m posting photos of the latest painting in my series of 40” x 32” x 1/2” acrylic paintings on stretched canvas.

detail 40 x 32 crop DSCN5146

Detail of a 40” x 32” x 1/2” acrylic paintings on stretched canvas
by John R. Redmond

While working on this one I decided at a certain point that while I enjoyed much of what was happening in the painting, there was one big clown face that bugged me.  I liked the face but I didn’t want it the foreground lol….What to do?   I added black and gold.  This seems to have worked. I shall bare all  for your amusement and reveal Bozo further down in this posting.

Click on any image to view it enlarged.
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detail 40 x 32 crop DSCN5166

detail2 40 x 32  cropped  DSCN5147

Details of a 40” x 32” x 1/2” acrylic paintings on stretched canvas
by John R. Redmond

detail 40 x 32 crop DSCN5188

detail 40 x 32 crop DSCN5161

Details of a 40” x 32” x 1/2” acrylic paintings on stretched canvas
by John R. Redmond

After working with the painting and puzzling for a few days about how to end it, I plunged in and added some black paint. It was applied to the upper half of the canvas and on two or three lines that had already been created by previous under-painting and colour application.  I also applied a narrow band  of black at the very bottom to give it all something to stand on.  The black I applied at this stage balanced well with some dark areas in the upper third of the painting.  Those areas were created mostly with Payne's grey. I could not simply cover up what I wanted.  I had to consider the whole piece and that each bit of black went with what was already there on the canvas.  (Concept; painting all over). Once the black dried I applied a bit more gold paint in certain areas over the black. A final coat of varnish was applied over the whole canvas.

Here below is the full sized image created.

40 x 32 DSCN5143

40” x 32” x 1/2” acrylic paintings on stretched canvas
by John R. Redmond

detail 40 x 32 DSCN5179

detail 40 x 32 DSCN5180

detail 40 x 32 DSCN5181

Below are the Polaroid remains of big happy Bozo.

detail 40 x 32 crop  2 DSCN5157

Underpainting Bozo 40 x 32 DSCN5062Here is Bozo as he appeared at a certain stage of the painting process.  He was tenacious.  I did try in various ways to eliminate him.  But always he shone through.  Away Bozo.  Back to your nether world.  He got covered up but his spirit shines.

40” x 32” x 1/2” acrylic paintings on stretched canvas
by John R. Redmond

 For a real experience, click on the album and view as a slide show in full screen.

Smile, on your walk in the park you may spot Elvis or experience a chance encounter with Sir Macca. From the Big Bang onward past the Gates of Eden, life is a rich experience of the accidentally on purpose.

Enjoy your Easter Holiday weekend.

Salut until the next time,

detail 40 x 32 crop DSCN5148

John Redmond
Ottawa, Canada


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  1. Salut indeed.
    I saw your work in Alla Prima... and am delighted to find you have such an available on-line portfolio. I am a late-in-life (well, later than I wish) painter and enjoy your compositions, colors AND narrative about what you do and why. I actually went to a filming of Bozo The Clown back in the 50's (grew up in California) I hope he haunts neither one of us in the future.