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New Showing At Galerie 240 Ottawa

Vernissage Nov 20 2009 Nov 212009 002

Toasting  John Redmond’s ‘Flow Motion’  show at Galerie 240 Ottawa


Hi All,

The new year is here. With the new year arrives a new show at Galerie 240 in Ottawa.

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My show “Flow Motion’’ was held over through the holiday season into January 2010.  Flow Motion ran from Friday November 20, 2009.  We took down paintings this past week.


20 x 16 Nov 8 2009 001


However, Good news and happy new year; Flow Motion carries on in the new show at Galerie 240.


Flow Motion Galerie 240 2009 edit crop Nov 22 2009 001

Three of John R Redmond’s 72” x 30” x 1/2” acrylic paintings hanging in Galerie 240 in 2010.  Flow Motion carries on.


Titled, "Looking Back'' the show includes the varied works of artists whose paintings were presented at Galerie 240 during 2009.


Vernissage is Sunday, January 17, 2010
Hours will be 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Artists whose work will be on display
Tom Wilson, John R Redmond,
Debabrata Murkerji. Jeanne Wilkinson,
Eamon, Karl Ciesluk, Leona Brown,
Banna M Khalesi, Zdravko Jolic,
Matthew Kennedy, Brenda Gale Warner.

The show runs to March 31, 2010
Hope to See you at the Vernissage... jr


Vernissage NOv 20 2009 Nov 212009 034

Tom Wilson has been creating some FAB paintings.  Tom is well known for his musical artistry as a one of Canada’s premiere performers Solo and with bands The Florida Razers, Junkhouse, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, and the ‘artist’s collective’ Lee Harvey Osmond.

In the photo above, one of Tom Wilson’s paintings peeks in on Flow Motion during the November 20th Vernissage at Galerie 240.  Tom adds further dimension to his bold face motif by carving lyrics from his songs and poetry into his paint on canvas.

Tom Wilson will be performing in the Ottawa area soon. 

Tom, Lee Harvey Osmond and Liam Titcomb will perform at the Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield, Quebec on Friday January 15th and Saturday January 16th.  Both shows are scheduled for 8:30 p.m.

Being a total fan, I will be there {:~D  .

Below is a video about Tom Wilson’s paintings.  The link will allow you to hear some of his tunes on youtube  too.


Click on the Galerie 240 link to read more bio and info about the show.

Galerie 240
Representing fine Canadian & International Artists

For more information: 240 Guigues Avenue, Ottawa Canada K1N 5J2

Map picture

You will find Galerie 240 located at 240 Guigues Ave. at King Edward Ave. in the market area.  You cannot enter Guigues Ave. from King Edward.  Galerie 240 is in a house built circa 1870. Located on the South side of Guigues, it has a nice big front porch.
Below is a bird’s eye view.

Map picture

Galerie 240 is in the center of the above photo. Click on the map or bird’s eye view for more map info.
Click on any image to view it enlarged. If you would like to view my paintings check out previous blog entries and/or scroll down to Froggy at the bottom of the page. Click on Froggy and hop to my online store with links to eBay. I'm also on Etsy. Search for seller johnredmond (no spaces) or use the painting images on the right side of this blog page to zoom there instantly. You can find me on Facebook, MySpace and, "tweeet twweet," Twitter (Redjar7)


Vernissage Nov 20 2009 Nov 212009 017


See you at Galerie 240.

Redmond John cropped edit June July 2009 small 2 051


John Redmond

Ottawa, Canada


John Redmond Art

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