Monday, January 18, 2010

Looking Forward ‘Looking Back’


Hi Everybody,
Late-January 2010 already…

The new show at Galerie 240 has opened.  I’ll post some photos of the Vernissage in a near future blog posting.

Galerie 240 Redmond John Wilson Tom January 12 2010 010

Early in the month I hung the show with Gallerie 240 owner Brenda Warner.  The photo above is one I took at the end of the afternoon.  One of Tom Wilson’s paintings is ‘Looking Back’ with three of my 72” x 30” x 1/2” panels.

‘Looking Back’

Artists whose work will be on display
Tom Wilson,
John R Redmond,
Debabrata Murkerji. Jeanne Wilkinson,
Eamon, Karl Ciesluk, Leona Brown,
Banna M Khalesi, Zdravko Jolic,
Matthew Kennedy, Brenda Gale Warner.

The show at Galerie 240 located in the market area of downtown Ottawa runs to March 31, 2010

Click on any image to view it enlarged. If you would like to view my paintings check out previous blog entries and/or scroll down to Froggy at the bottom of the page. Click on Froggy and hop to my online store with links to eBay. I'm also on Etsy. Search for seller johnredmond (no spaces) or use the painting images on the right side of this blog page to zoom there instantly. You can find me on Facebook, MySpace and, "tweeet twweet," Twitter (Redjar7)
Click on the Galerie 240 link to read more bio and info about the show.

Galerie 240
Representing fine Canadian & International Artists

For more information: 240 Guigues Avenue, Ottawa Canada K1N 5J2
Map picture

You will find Galerie 240 located at 240 Guigues Ave. at King Edward Ave. in the market area.  You cannot enter Guigues Ave. from King Edward.  Galerie 240 is in a house built circa 1870. Located on the South side of Guigues, it has a nice big front porch.
Below is a bird’s eye view.

Map picture
Galerie 240 is in the center of the above photo. Click on the map or bird’s eye view for more map info.
Flwo Motion Galerie 240 Nov 22 2009 018 

Flow Motion Galerie 240 Nov 22 2009 007

Flow Motion Galerie 240 Nov 22 2009 012  

Ok, I give up wrestling with this posting to fix the spacing here...{:~DDD

I have been working on three or four medium sized paintings.  They seem to be coming along satisfactorily. Last week I bought a couple larger 30” x 40” canvases.  I’ll start to put some undercoat on them soon.

january 12 2010 011
Look into my eyes . . .

During the holiday season and into the early new year I worked on one canvas.  I had purchased three canvases of the same size put the textured undercoat on them all.  However, when I went to apply the colour to the first canvas I discovered that the weave of the canvas was much larger than what I have been accustomed to working on.  The paint did not go on in a way that pleased me.  I ended up using the canvas as a mucking around on experiment.





I decided to dribble around and not be overly concerned with the way it all turned out.   It was an experiment…JUST MUCKING AROUND

Sometimes when you are painting things don’t work out…this seemed one of those occasions for me…{:~DDD although there are some interesting perspectives within it…It was not what I was looking for although it may yet become something.  The other two canvases that were undercoated at the same time seem to be nearer to what I had hoped.  Once I came to terms with the rougher weave of the canvas life flowed sweetly.


All of the above five images are of the mucking around in process.
Below is one of  the two other paintings  that I began to work on at the same time.  The result is more satisfying.

30 x 24 January 25 2010 edit 021
30” x 24” x 1/2” acrylic painting on canvas by John R. Redmond

This one has a hint of gold added which is revealed in certain lighting.  The gold colouring may not be totally evident in the photos.  It adds another dimension to the painting.
Below are three detail shots of this painting and a complete photo album for your viewing pleasure.

detail January 25 2010 edit 028

detail 30 x 24 January 25 2010 edit 039

detail 30 x 24 January 25 2010  edit 038 

30” x 24” x 1/2” acrylic painting on canvas by John R. Redmond

detail 30 x 24 January 25 2010 edit 033

Yours Truly,
Mucking around
in Ottawa
John Redmond

John Redmond Art

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