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He’s Back; Chuckles . . . . . . . . . . . . . 'To The Rescue'

sketch 296Alt3

It has been (Holy Time Shift Batman) two (2) years since I posted to Painting A Day.  Computer glitches, travel, and whatever are responsible (The piano has been drinking, not me, not me).
On the road, for me, lends itself not to canvas and paint. I need a space to splash my paint around in.  Therefore cyber space has been a replacement.  Actually, replacement is not the accurate word.  Digital art is a Way in itself.  It can be equally as painterly as acrylic on canvas.  It is not as tactile but it is an art medium in its own right. On the road I have worked with zeros and ones. Computer doodles have been an amusement and a way to keep the artist happy.

You may click on any photo to view it enlarged.

sketch 296Alt3crop7

I began in Hanoi.  The first of my digidoodleedoos in what seems to have become a series, was more or less born there.  As of this typing, there are 296 official digidoodles.  However, the number is much higher because I make variations.  Therefore, I have hundreds on file.  A few I post on Facebook and even fewer on Twitter.
The one at the beginning of this posting I created yesterday (March 6, 2016).  A friend asked for some elephants in the pics so I obliged friend. I do love elephants.  I titled it shortly, “To The Rescue” which seems to cause a Bob Marley tune to sing in my head;
“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah / Make you wanna move your dancing feet now / To the rescue, here I am / Want you to know, y'all, can you understand?” – bob marley

click this link to enjoy the sounds
To The Rescue . . . Sun is Shing

sketch 296Alt3crop6

You will notice a rather republican elephant in the image. It is not an accident. The nonstop American presidential election happenings impinge upon reality these daZe.  In particular I refer  to the latest episodes of The Apprentice.  I have my thoughts. To The Rescue is my expression of bewilderment, astonishment and whoknowswhatment regarding the happenings south of the 49th parallel.  Dog Save America. ha . . . #makedonalddrumpfagain. Oops, I let loose the phycho politico.

sketch 296Alt3crop3

Now I’m hearing another Marley song; Misty Morning . . .”straighten out my tomorrow! . . .”  America and All, we come to our rescue. I think that’s why we see bugs in my doodle.  He wears a maple leaf but he is America.  America come to your rescue, To The Rescue.

click this link to enjoy the sounds
Misty Morning . . . straighten out my tomorrow

This new version of Windows Live Writer is Open Sourced WLW.
Unfortunately, it doesn't allow for photo albums so I post detail crops below.
The Big Micro soft brains stopped allowing WLW from connecting with blogger in December 2015.  This open sourced version is blessed by Microsoft but it doesn't have some of the features of the original version due to some licensing issues I read. It is ok but its more clunky.  It may be time to hunt for another program...

sketch 296Alt3crop7

sketch 296Alt3crop6

sketch 296Alt3crop5

sketch 296Alt3crop4

sketch 296Alt3crop3

sketch 296Alt3crop2

sketch 296Alt3crop1

sketch 296Alt3

Well, dear friends, it is the moment to bid you adieu.
I will be back soon with more zeros and ones and chuckles to the rescue.
Remember this you can do;
Art make sketch 244BcDe (2)

Redmond John R
John Redmond
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