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And Can You See

Detail 24 x 24 DSCN8578

Detail of 24”x24”x1/2” acrylic painting by John R Redmond


Happy Holidays To You All.

Merry Christmas.

The Winter Solstice has placed we who live in the North on the way to Spring and Summer sunshine.  The darkness of Winter is giving way.

I’m posting one of my most recent paintings.  It is a 24” x 24” x 1/2” acrylic on canvas painting.  Previously I shared the undercoating stage of this painting and three others in the series.   Check out the posting titled, “Silver Bells, Golden Giving; Galerie 240 December 1, 2010 – Group Show Through January 15, 2011”  You will view some beginnings of the painting in the posting plus you will be able to get the details of the group show my acrylic paintings are part of at Galerie 240.


24 x 24 DSCN8562

24” x 24” x 1/2” acrylic on stretched canvas by John R Redmond


This one is rather summer sunshiny wilderness lake looking.  It was made during the dark days before the Winter Solstice of 2010.  It has some moody blues but also a warmth from red, yellow and gold.


Detail 3 24 x 24 DSCN8564

24” x 24” x 1/2” acrylic on stretched canvas by John R Redmond


Detail 24 x 24 crop DSCN8567


Detail 24 x 24 crop2  DSCN8566











Detail 24 x 24 DSCN8576

24” x 24” x 1/2” acrylic on stretched canvas by John R Redmond



24” x 24” x 1/2” acrylic on stretched canvas by John R Redmond.  Click on the album to view the images.   For a real experience choose the full screen slide show view once you get the pictures showing.



Mill Street Gallery and Cafe 2011 millstreet poster

2011 will bring my Flow Motion show to the Mill Street Gallery, Sydenham, Ontario.  March 29 to May 29, 2010 my acrylic paintings will be featured in a solo show at this gallery-cafe.  Sydenham is located North of Kingston, Ontario and is near Frontenac Park.

The jury was unanimous in accepting my artwork.  I approached the Mill Street Gallery because our family settled the area 160+ years ago.  Many of our folk are buried in the Sydenham cemetery.  Our families, Redmond, Medcof, Dowker, Babcock and related families were pioneers of this historic area.


Redmond Rd and Holleford Rd with new sign

I am looking forward to mounting the show.  Also, June 2, 2011 to  June 25, 2011  my Flow Motion art will be part of the group show which will feature the artists indicated on the poster image seen above.

The map below indicates Sydenham. GGG Grandpa William Redmond, wife Nancy Barrett and their combined families lived on the just North of Sydenham on the East side of Rosedale Rd, halfway between Alton Rd and Freeman Rd.  If you travel West to the Loughborough-Portland Rd and then go North a short way you will come to the Holleford area.  You will see Holleford Rd. and Redmond Rd.  This is area named by GG Grandpa John Redmond.  He named Holleford after his home village of Hollyfort, Co. Wexford, Ireland(near Gorey,)  The 203 acres of land the Redmond family owned in this area (seen of 1860 maps) is C11 L1 on the West side of Holleford Rd in Portland Township.  Redmond cousins still own land in the area and farm.


Holleford Crater sign DPP_0731

Holleford is noted for the Holleford Meteorite Carter at the Babcock farm.  Check it out online.  Here is a Wikipedia link;

It is also noted as the birthplace of the late ‘Jack’ John Henry Foster Babcock, Canada’s last WW1 veteran who passed away in 2010 at the age of 109.  His father was first married to our G Grandaunt Mary Ellen Redmond.  I am my family are related to Jack via the Babcock and Dowker family.  The Babcock family in the area are mostly of  UEL origin, settling in Canada at the end of the American Revolution.  The Dowker family is of Yorkshire, U.K. origin.   Jack’s Grandfather, Henry Babcock, was married to our GG Grandaunt Hannah (nee Medcof).   It is all in the family in this area. And that is one big reason I wanted to show my art at the Mill Street Gallery.


Map picture

You can find The Mill Street Gallery and Cafe on BlogSpot.  Here is the link;


Sydenham - From Wikipedia;,_Frontenac_County,_Ontario

Sydenham, named after Lord Sydenham, is a community in Frontenac County, located in the municipality of South Frontenac. It is situated at the west end of Sydenham Lake and located north of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Dan Aykroyd; Sydenham home.

Sydenham (actually a wee stones throw South closer to Keplar) is the home to Dan Aykroyd and wife Donna Dixon on the land originally settled by his great-grandfather Samuel-Cuthbert Aykroyd in the mid-19th century.

As Dan Aykroyd’s family were also early settlers of the area I can imagine that our families would have been known to each other all those years ago.  It was a relatively small community.


Sydenham Ontario circa 1927

Sydenham, Ontario 1920’s


Redmond Post Card of Sydenham 'one  mother got' it says on back circa 1906 perhaps because similar to Harrowsmith Methodist church post card photo   1200dpi

This image is of a postcard in our family collection – dated 1906 on the back.  It shows a view of Sydenham looking up Mill St.  I think the building on the right in the foreground is the Trousdale store.  Trousdale family has been in the area since about 1836.  Our GGG Grandaunt Mary Dowker was married to Mathew Trousdale who had a farm nearby.  I think he was perhaps a brother or uncle of the Trousdale who began the business.  Trousdale General Store is the oldest in Canada.  Here is a link to the Trousdale General Store website;

The Mill Street Gallery is located across the street, perhaps just out of the left side of this image.


Happy New Year !

John Redmond

Ottawa, Canada

Redmond johnrussellredmond Dec 15 2010 b

See you on the farside . . .

John Redmond Art

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  1. Hi John,
    I found your blog interesting in that I grew up in Sydenham during a time when Brawley's Feed Store was active, Nobel Trousdale still ran his amazing General Store, the abandoned factory (rubber factory?) still stood for us kids to explore, the power house was still there at the mouth of the Millhaven Creek, and trains still rumbled up the Smith Falls sub!
    My (late) brother-in-law was a Dowker. He lived in Bellrock and his mom (Delphine) still resides there.
    I would like to know where you came across the photo of the Union Hotel as I'd like to aquire a larger copy to post on our Sydenham group (Facebook).
    Thanks again for this informative blog!

    André Gerow