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Spring Forward . . .

Galerie 240 Redmond John Wilson Tom January 12 2010 010

Tom Wilson’s painting (left) and three of mine (right) enjoy a conversation at Galerie 240, Ottawa – just hanging out.

 ‘’Hi Tom.”'
“Hi John.’’
“How’s your day Tom’’
‘’Great, back on the wall again.”
‘’Oh yea, you been hanging ‘round.”
“Yup, hanging ‘round. Having  a gig at The Boathouse.”
“Ah, sweet.”
“When ya coming back to Ottawa?
“ Great. Nice show.”

Hi Everyone,

I promised to share photos of the Vernissage at Galerie 240 for the show Looking Back which ran from the beginning of January 2010 through mid-March. 
Here they are.


Those interviewed at the show were having a good time.

Altered Vernissage Nov 20 2009 Nov 212009 017

Crazy artist above . . . thought it was cool.

18 x 14 Oct 25 2009 056

This painting above was featured on the poster for my solo show at Galerie 240 in November/December 2009.  The January-March show Looking Back featured artists who showed at Galerie 240 during 2009.

‘Looking Back’
Artists whose work will be on display
Tom Wilson, John R Redmond,
Debabrata Murkerji. Jeanne Wilkinson,
Eamon, Karl Ciesluk, Leona Brown,
Banna M Khalesi, Zdravko Jolic,
Matthew Kennedy, Brenda Gale Warner.
Click on the Galerie 240 link to read more bio and info about the show.

Galerie 240
Representing fine Canadian & International Artists

For more information: 240 Guigues Avenue, Ottawa Canada K1N 5J2
Click on any image to view it enlarged.
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january 20 2010 edit 002

Three of my 72” x 30” x 1/2” acrylic paintings hanging at Galerie 240, Ottawa.

january 20 2010  edit 026

january 20 2010 edit 003 

january 20 2010 edit 004

january 20 2010 edit 005

january 20 2010 edit 022

january 20 2010 edit 031

Brenda Warner (left) and Andrea Burns (right) enjoy the opening show at Galerie 240.  Brenda Warner is the Galerie owner and artists aussi.

january 20 2010 edit 059


january 20 2010 edit 037

january 20 2010 edit 055

january 20 2010 edit 054

january 20 2010 edit 015

january 20 2010 edit 001

january 20 2010 edit 039

january 20 2010 edit 057

Looking Back…Spring Forward…see you at the next show…

detail 40 x 30 February 8 2010 012

John Redmond
Ottawa, Canada

John Redmond Art

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