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I Me Me Mine; About JR


John R Redmond
Canadian born artist residing in Ottawa, Canada

John Redmond's work is fluid. He creates pure abstract and abstract land/waterscapes by an action pour, splatter and spray technique. Seldom does Redmond use a brush. Accidentally on purpose is his method. He employs the flow of waterborne acrylic paint to form layers of texture and blended colour.

Redmond's paintings are often delicate. Others are bold and surreal. Redmond expresses images of clouds, mist, storms over wilderness forests and lakes, waves, seas, under water worlds and gentle or wild wind blown rains.  Some paintings are filled with phantasmic imagery. Splashes of colour on canvas and the movement of water build his distinctive style. Whatever artistic vocabulary Redmond employs his expressive paintings are to be seen, felt and touched.

30 x 24 DSCN3699

30” x 24” x 1/2” acrylic painting on canvas by John R Redmond
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Oct 10 2009

Applying acrylic paint with an almost watercolour method over his textured base, Redmond reveals moods reflecting the rhythmic pulse of the fluid world in which we live. Viewers are drawn to Redmond’s abstract imagery because they recognize in his work the flow of something which they themselves are. His multi-dimensional paintings evoke an experience of inner and outer reality. The viewer is welcomed into a painting and urged to create along with the artist.

30 x 24 Oct 1 2009 017

30” x 24” x 1/2” acrylic painting on canvas by John R Redmond
Redmond paints for joy, sanity, self-development and the expression of beauty. His art reflects a life long interest in world religion, philosophy and psychology. A special interest in East Asian thought considerably influences his artist expression. Redmond’s experience and love of Canadian wilderness is also evident in his paintings.

Vernissage Nov 20 2009 Nov 212009 039

Acrylic paintings by John R Redmond at Galerie 240, Ottawa  Galerie 240, Ottawa

Flow Motion Galerie 240 Nov 22 2009 060
Media Review
Colourful Art With Colourful Roots”Ottawa artist John Redmond's solo show at Sydenham's Mill Street cafe is as visually pleasing as it is historically interesting. His acrylic works, which can be classified as abstract expressionist, each contain a fluidity that demonstrate a painter who has been evolving and mastering his craft into his very own personal style……The CafĂ© & Gallery’s co-owner, Pat Dawson, is thrilled to have an artist who not only makes work of such a high calibre but who also has roots in the area.”  - The Frontenac News
Mill Street Gallery show DSCN0819
Here is a link to the full article; Colourful Art With Colourful Roots
The Frontenac News is a subscription based paper delivered to households in the region.  Here is a link to the home page of the Frontenac News online edition.

More I Me Me Mine;

His paintings have been shown at Ottawa’s local galleries and art venues. Masks created by Redmond appeared at the National Art Centre in Opera Lyra’s production of Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’. Life sized puppets designed and created by Redmond have been a part of professional performances in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and New York City.

Redmond was born and raised in the Montreal area. He moved to Ottawa to attend university and is a long time resident of Ottawa. He holds a B.A. in Religion from Carleton University, a B.Ed. from University of Ottawa, and is also a Montessori trained teacher. Currently Redmond teaches in public school at the elementary K-6 level in Ottawa.

40 x 30  DSCN1249

40” x 30” 1/2” acrylic painting on canvas by John R Redmond
Redmond studied Fine Arts while attending Carleton University, Ottawa. University courses included study of North American Native Art, and Asian traditions of Buddhist and Hindu Art.

This artist strives for a balance between action and quietude. Redmond began practicing yoga and meditation while enrolled in a Pure and Applied Science program at John Abbott College, St. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec. During this period he also began a life long interest in the martial arts. His athletic endeavours have included marathon and ultra-marathon distance running. He has completed 20 such races. He was a core team member of several Cross-Canada running relay teams. Redmond has assisted with the instruction of young martial artists and has taught yoga and meditation in the Ottawa area. In October 2004 Redmond completed the Toronto C.N. Tower Stair Climb (1776 stairs) in 18 minutes 30 seconds.

28 x 20 DSCN0991

28” x 20” x 1/2” acrylic painting on canvas by John R Redmond

24 x 20 edit DSCN3189

24” x 20” x 1/2” acrylic painting on canvas by John R Redmond

Flow Motion Galerie 240 Nov 22 2009 019

Acrylic paintings by John R Redmond at Galerie 240, Ottawa

detail 18 x 14 Oct 25 2009 066cropped edit

detail 16 x 20 edit crop  DSCN3171

detail 30 x 40 crop2 DSCN3717

You will find Redmond on stage in the Ottawa area singing some Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, J.J. Cale or Lennon tunes. He also enjoys writing and performing his own songs, accompanying himself on guitar.  Redmond views his music, his dynamic physical activities and the quietude of yoga and meditation as complementary. This sense of action and silence is expressed through his paintings.

30 x 30 DSCN9078

30” x30” x 1/2” acrylic painting by John R Redmond

16 x 20 DSCN9093

16” x 20” x 1/2” acrylic painting by John R Redmond

16 x 20 DSCN9107

16” x 20” x 1/2” acrylic painting by John R Redmond


Diptych 24” x 48” x 1/2”; two 24” x 24” x1/2” by John R Redmond

Collage May 1 2010

John Redmond
Ottawa, Canada

John Redmond Art

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